I am opening a new business and not too sure where to start?

You have come to the right place.  If you have just signed a lease for a new business or are in the lease negotiation process, now is the time to look at engaging the services of an Interior Designer or Interior Architect (they are one and the same).  Simply phone or email us and we shall organise to meet you on site at your new tenancy or can catch up over a coffee to provide you with a no obligation free consultation.  The consultation only takes about half an hour and the aim is to find out what your vision is with your new business ie. how you wish it to function, how you wish your customers to feel, how you wish for your customers to perceive your business etc. Finding out information from you will enable us to provide you with the best quotation possible.  Each project is judged on its own merits and prices vary accordingly due to this. The consultation is a great way for us to meet and see if we would like to work with each other too.  Our job is to take your vision and not only make it a reality, but give you our expertise and look at your business in ways you have not thought of to give you a design that you and your customers will love./panel]
When it comes to retail, hospitality, and commercial design we have done just about all there is.  Some of the types of business we have designed include:

Food Court Tenancies
Kiosks in Shopping Centres
Sushi Trains
Kebab Shops
Takeaway Food Outlets
Fruit and Vegetable Shops
Homewares Stores
Medical Centres
Fashion Boutiques
Menswear Stores
Surf Shops
Jewellery Stores
Hair Salons
Beauty Salons
Barber Salons
Pet Stores
Pet Fashion Boutiques
Offices for professionals ie. Accountants

Why would you choose to engage us?

We take the stress and worry out of setting up shop, guiding you through the design process to ensure your project goes to schedule and to budget and achieves your objectives with a minimum of fuss.

We are easy to deal with, provide quality service and value for money. We do what we say, and are always available to ensure that the project is completed without delay. Just ask our existing Clients. Click here to read what our Clients say about us.

Our work comes 100% from referral and repeat customers, so we must be doing something right. We believe that business needn’t be difficult, it is merely about communicating effectively.

We are on most of the major shopping centre’s approved designer’s lists.

Being independent interior designers ensures that we are able to tender your project to a number of shopfitters to make price comparisons.

With over 15 years of interior design experience and over 500 projects under our belt, we have the knowledge and experience to offer guidance and support and hold your hand throughout the design and fitout process.

We are nice people. We treat people with respect, and this has allowed us to enjoy the great reputation we have in the industry with Clients, shopping centres, shopfitters, suppliers, engineers and certifiers.

We are competitively priced in the design industry which has ensured our longevity.

How many projects have you worked on?

Many – over 500 projects in twelve years.

How long will it take for you to give me a quotation?

After our consultation with you, we shall provide you with a quotation usually the same day, if not within 24 hours.

I am looking to renovate my shop and am looking for an interior designer, is this something you do?

Yes.  In addition to designing new businesses, we have completed many, many designs for businesses undergoing a renovation.  Often a renovation is required as part of our client’s lease renewal with their landlord and as such we can provide this service.  Other businesses are simply wishing to renovate their store to give it a more fresh and new look to help increase their sales and increase the level of perception of their business. Some of our clients wish to sell their business in the near future too, so a renovation can make their business attractive to potential buyers when the time comes.

Why should I use your services instead of other interior designers?

Whilst there are some great interior designers out there, like any industry, there are some not so great.  If we had to say why you should use us instead of another designer would be because of our service. There is nothing worse than engaging someone to work on a project for you whether it be a designer, plumber or shopfitter than having to worry about what is going on with the process, is it being undertaken on schedule, is it going to be to budget, will my designer be available when I need them.  You can have a talented and skilled designer, but in the end if you are not being provided with a service that makes you feel happy, stress and worry free and secure that everything is going to plan, then you will be in for a rough ride. Opening a new business has many challenges as you may or may not already know and if we can take a number of the headaches away for you, then we are very happy and have done our job.

If I decide to use your services, how does the process work?

Please click here to see a detailed explanation of the design process.

How long will the interior design process take?

In most cases we will go as fast as our clients wish.  It all comes down to communication.  The design process is a two-way street.  We can pull out all stops to ensure your job is completed in the timeframe you wish, however, we require the lines of communication to be efficient and responsive too.  The faster that our clients can get back to us with feedback and what they want and need throughout the process, the quicker we can fulfill these requirements to have a completed design in the time frame you wish.

How much will it cost me for you to undertake a complete a design for my shop?

This is where the initial consultation comes in.  If you contact us and request a consultation, we meet up, have a chat and then will go away and do your quotation.  Your quotation will depend on a variety of factors ie. time frame the design is required, the extent of detail that you and/or your landlord requests, whether you wish 2D drawings and or 3D drawings, the complexity of your project and so on.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as a quick design.  Designing a business is no different to that of engaging the services of an architect to design plans for a house.  It requires time, energy and input from both us as the designers and some input and feedback from you as our client to ensure the best possible result for you.

Are there any hidden extras that I need to know about?

When we provide you with a quotation, we are very upfront about all the costs.  The quotation will outline the only amount that you will pay.  Some designers will quote a base price which may be low but more often than not there will be hidden extras so please ensure when obtaining quotations to be dilligent in looking at all the details.  Like anything you get what you pay for, so there is often a reason if the price is too good to be true.

Time is of the essence with any project and I'm wondering if it easy to get hold of you by phone and/or email?

Our very prompt service to you is something we pride ourselves on and you can rest assured that your phone calls and/or emails will be returned quickly – 95% of the time we will be back to you within 3 hours or the same day at the latest.

Are you able to undertake 3D drawings for me?

Yes this is something we can undertake for you, however additional costs will be involved should you wish to have 3D drawings completed.  Most of our clients are more than happy with 2D drawings, however 3D is something we can provide a quotation on if you so desire.

Are you able to provide me with graphic design services for logos and branding etc.?

Yes this is something we can undertake for you, alternatively we know reputable graphic designers who we can refer you to, to assist you in your logo design and branding.

What about disabled access and health and safety requirements - are you able to advise me on these aspects for the design of my shop?

Most definitely.  Our expertise ensures that we are up to date with these types of requirements so that your design is compliant.

Do you provide me hard copy set of plans?

Once we have completed your design and the final drawings are ready, we shall email them to you so you have a soft copy on file. This is useful in the shopfitting tendering process so that you can send out to potential shopfitters to obtain quotations. If you wish, we can also provide you with a Master set of colour, hard copy plans for your own reference.

Do you help me with finding a shopfitter?

Yes, if you wish for us to refer the names of any shopfitters to you, we are more than happy to refer shopfitters who we have worked with before and who are reputable.  We always advise that is a good idea to obtain an independent quotation yourself so that you may compare.

Are there council requirements that I need to take into consideration?

Yes there are.  Each project no matter what type of business, needs to be certified either by Council or a Private Certifier which will be an additional cost to you.  We will do all the consultation and emailing and phoning with the Council/Private Certifier on your behalf for you as part of the design process.  However of course, they will have their own fees that you will need to pay.

Are there any other costs related to opening a new business that I need to be aware of?

Yes. You may or not be aware of these costs but please bear in mind that depending on the type of business you are opening there will be other costs such as: Hydraulics Engineers Fees, Council/Private Certification Fees, Food License Council Fees, Q Leave Fees.

How long does it usually take for the fit-out of the shop to take?

As a rough time you should leave 4 weeks for the actual fit-out of the shop to take place.  Obviously it can take longer depending on the size and complexity of your shopfit and the efficiency of your shopfitter.