LeGassick | Robina

LeGassick Jewellers | RobinaTown Centre

As part of the redevelopment of Robina Town Centre, LeGassick Jewellers commands a prominent position at the top of the escalators, up from the food court. It can be clearly seen throughout the food court and we took on the challenge of maximising the needs of the Client and balancing this with those of the Landlord to keep two sides facing the food court with glass. The result was an exquisite store where the glass facades have soft curtains giving a sense of mystery just waiting for customers to explore. The shopfront with its marble facade gives a sense of classic beauty and tradition, and as one enters one feels special. The concept behind the LeGassick design was to create a relaxed feminine ambience, and we achieved this with beautiful soft sheer fabrics and furnishings throughout. Most jewellery stores are bright and use hard surfaces, we did the opposite, as woman are the predominant buyers of LeGassick jewellery, and so we needed to take a very different approach to catering to their needs.