Designing Different

Designing Different

From the very beginning Crema Espresso has always played its own tune. Rather than following trends, they decided to become trend setters. Their latest creation at the recently redeveloped Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre, 16km south of Brisbane continues this vision.

Partners In Design

The Design Creative has been part of the evolution of the brand from almost the beginning, and the energy and openness to new ideas of the CEO ensures that we have an ideal working relationship. Crema Espresso understands the need in our fast paced and rapidly changing world to be open to new ideas, and that a brand is never static. Brands these days must constantly evolve and keep up with the times.

Designing different

The Role of the Retail Designer

This doesn’t mean that brands must follow the latest trends. Instead, brands need to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the customer. As retail designers we are in a unique position to be part of this evolution of a brand. One of the greatest skills a retail designer needs to develop is to truly listen. Listening entails more than just hearing what the Client has said and giving them what they had asked for. Instead, listening is about understanding the essence of what the brand is about, and what it promises. It is the designer’s role to interpret and deliver on the brand’s promise through everything from the flow of the store to the look and ambience that is created.

Listening To Others

Listening is much more than listening to the Client. It is about asking the right questions and being open about listening to others and processing feedback. Whether it be from the retail design manager who’s role is to assist in the delivery of a design that best reflects not only the brand but the shopping centre’s aspirations and regulations, to the shop fitter and any thoughts that may have. Being open to listening can often mean that the best result is achieved.

Design different

Point Of Difference

Point of difference or POD for short, is what sets apart a business from its competitors. While many business owners get into businesses and copy or emulate other businesses, they often do so at the expense of creating something unique. ‘Me too’ businesses can often lack the integrity and passion of those that begin with a unique point of difference. Often it is the smallest differences that can make the biggest difference to a business.

Not ‘Me Too’

The role of the retail designer is to explore what makes a Client’s business unique, and through exploring the layout and flow, to the sourcing of colours and finishes, combined with stand out graphics, bring out this uniqueness. Crema Espresso is in the business of delivering good coffee and food in an environment that customers feel comfortable to be in and that sees them coming back again and again. Rather than follow trends, Crema Espresso stands out because it has decided to take the road less traveled.

 The Value of Good Design

Savvy business owners understand the value of good design and are willing to pay a premium to ensure that their business begins on the best foot forward. At The Design Creative we are here to assist you with your new business venture, or re-branding your existing business to ensure that you are maximising profits and creating satisfied customers.

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