The Hidden Oasis

The new Crema Espresso at Pacific Fair is a hidden oasis that is quickly taking shape. The shop fit is almost complete with new awnings, a Crema Kids play area, and finishing touches still to go. Below you will find some images of the cafe.

Cafe Design Gold Coast

The design of the cafe was in keeping with tropical feel of the Pacific Fair redevelopment. The site lended itself to this feel because of its outdoor location. The simply white and natural palette together with tropical greens give the cafe a freshness.

Cafe Design Gold Coast
The tropical feel provides a refreshing ambience to sit a enjoy some quiet time amidst the hurly burly of the shopping centre.

Because of its hidden away position tucked behind H & M and Suncorp, this little cafe is bound to become a favourite. When the fit out is completed it will have the feeling of a hidden oasis that you discover amongst the throng of activity in the shopping centre. It will become an escape both for mothers with children and customers wanting to ‘get away from it all’ to get a half hour of reprieve from the rush of daily life. The side alley will have a Melbourne alley meets the Gold Coast appeal. In the near future a tropical plant wall together with a mural of some Gold Coast favourite vintage brands will complete the ambience.

Cafe Design Gold Coast

Once the red awnings with Crema Espresso signage have been installed next week they will provide a pop of colour punctuating its presence in this thoroughfare and strong simple branding. Combined with the awning over the kids play area and umbrellas they will provide cooling shade to enjoy your chardy or beer (the franchisee is looking to making it a licensed venue). I can just imagine sitting down on a hot day in this hidden oasis with a refreshing drink with friends or on your own.

Cafe Design Gold Coast
Nearing completion, once the red awnings and kids play area roof covering is complete this will provide a cool place to sit and relax.

We look forward with anticipation to the completion of this hidden oasis. This latest Crema Espresso cafe shows the latest evolution of the Crema Espresso brand. Not happy to sit on its laurels, this innovative company believes in moving with the times and that a brand isn’t a static entity. It moves with customer’s expectations and responds to its environment. This is not a cookie cutter brand. This can be seen when we contrast Pacific Fair with other Crema stores such as Carindale to Garden City completed about 4 years ago and Springfield completed about a year ago. If you look carefully you can see the progression and change without losing the Crema Espresso identity.

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