The Tale of Two Tenancies

We were approached by the Centre Manager of Macarthur Central Shopping Centre in the heart of Brisbane to assist her with two tenants. The existing site was utilised for atms and the already miniscule space was divided into two to create to smaller tenancies.

Liasing with the Centre and the two Clients we created two very uniquely different designs for two very different businesses.

Heel & Sole Man

Heel & Sole Man

The Client had a number of key-cutting and shoe repair businesses and our goal was to update the brand while still retaining some of the existing elements.

This is a hands on customer service orientated business and the concept of the design was to give it a sense of yesteryear of good old fashioned service, where quality and service are its hallmarks.

Angled timber paneling, sepia images on the rear wall overhead cupboards, and the industrial lamps give it a sense of yesteryear and the workshop feel.

The design is practical to make working in the confined space comfortable and efficient and the lighting has been carefully designed to ensure that it suits the precise nature of the business.

CurrencyXChange Macarthur Central


AusXChange was also an established company and some of the existing brand elements were incorporated into the new design to make it look modern and streamlined.

A very different personality to the adjacent business, AusXChange was about converting currency. Currency, or the ‘flow of money’, just like a current, is about flow and fluidity.

The design reflected this in its fluid, efficient, aerodynamic forms and smooth surfaces.

Both tenancies were fitted out and opened just before Christmas to ensure that they capitalised on the holiday trade. expressing them

The Design Difference

The Design Creative is known in the retail design industry as a company that delivers. We deliver on our promise to provide an efficient streamlined design service that meets your deadlines and looks at ways to design with your budget in mind and still provide a product that turns heads. The retail landscape is changing at such a break-neck speed and consumers expectations continually grows. With our years of experience we can help make your business a success in this competitive market place.

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