Trang Vietnamese North Lakes

Almost There!

It is with anticipation and excitement that everyone involved in the process of bringing Trang Vietnamese to life looks forward to the opening in just over a week’s time. There is still so much of the fit out to complete and once the doors open to the new food hall extension to Westfield North Lakes, no doubt we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Bringing A Bit Of Vietnam From Vietnam!

The images you see are artist’s impressions of what the restaurant will look like. We are looking forward to taking photos of the completed store and being surrounded by the ambience that we have envisaged. To bring a sense of authenticity the Client, directed by the designer and visual merchandiser went over to Vietnam and has bought products including a vintage motor cycle, a cyclo (Vietnamese rickshaw), wire baskets, artificial plants, timber shutters, encaustic tiles and other items.

Hard Work Brings Vision To Life

The tenant for this project was tenanted very late which meant everyone involved has had to put in very long hours to bring this fresh and exciting new addition to Westfield together. There are still many long hours before we can all smile and take in the atmosphere, which at the moment is still a work site.

From An Idea To Reality

It is incredible that with a lot of hard work, determination, and a team of dedicated individuals from the retail design manager, shopfitter and tradespeople, to the equipment supplier and the designer, visual merchandiser, graphic designer, Client and leasing agent, that something that only a few months ago was a mere idea can turn into something special.

Trang Vietnamese Arrives Soon At North Lakes

Riding on the back of the success of Trang Vietnamese at West End, this foray into a shopping centre will bring an authentic taste of Vietnam to North Lakes together with the Client’s enthusiasm and big heart. Trang Vietnamese is ‘heart’ food – food that is made with love and passion. Come in on the 26th November at the opening and try one of their pho’s and you will know what I mean.

Taste of Vietnam comes to North Lakes

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