Before & After Design Facelift

Before The Retail Design Facelift

Medispecs at Robina Town Centre has been operating for about 15 years. There lease was soon up again for renewal and as part of the shopping centre landlord’s agreement was that the shop had to be given a facelift/refurbishment. It had been given a small facelift 5 years prior but it was time for a major visual overhaul.

Retail design facelift
Before: The existing store was in need of a facelift. It was cluttered and tired looking.
Medispecs Before
Before: The supplier’s floor stands created a sea of clutter. There was no cohesion with each stand being different from the other.
Retail design facelift
Before: With a few crucial changes the shop was transformed. See the next images.

After The Facelift Retail Design

The tenant had a tight budget that didn’t match what the Centre’s expectations were so we had to be clever. The shopping centre landlord expected a major refurbishment and instead we managed to design a ‘facelift’ that totally transformed the space so it looked like a major refurbishment. Through a clever use of colours, finishes and de-cluttering the shop has taken on a fresh new life. The store was previously cluttered with an array of supplier floor stands and the shopfront looked dated.

Retail designer Gold Coast
Simplifying the colour scheme to black and white and a neutral natural tone ensured that the product could become the hero of the store.


Sometimes it is necessary to be brutal and not too precious when performing a facelift design. Often tenants over the years ‘accumulate’ a lot of ‘stuff’. This physical and visual clutter stands in the way of their customers getting a good and lasting impression of their business. Removing the sea of supplier stands became a priority and other clutter.

Retail designer Gold Coast
Consistency in the floor displays helped to remove the visual clutter allowing customers to focus on the product.

Next, a clean and contemporary no nonsense black and white scheme was adopted. Combined with a natural timber, this had the effect of modernising the optometry practice and also giving it a classy and sophisticated new branding (without the price tag).

The shopfront was retained and ‘dressed up’. The existing fascia was covered over by stained ply paneling. Black powdercoated resin panels clad over the existing shopfront and ceiling mirror panels. Cladding to the existing vertical steel beam was removed exposing the beam. New shopfront signage was manufactured and installed.  The shopfront was given a luxury brand makeover simply by adding black powder coated aluminium stripping to the glazing and painting the existing displays black.

The floor finishes were updated, the wall fixtures were r-elaminated and the support posts painted black. The shop was re-painted and the existing counter clad over the existing counter. New matching floor diplays were built and installed. Pendants over the service counter were replaced.

Retail designer Gold Coast
The floor finishes were simplified. Timber look vinyl flooring was installed and a band of slate tiles at the threshold.

Smart Design

The right designer will help you to achieve a fresh new look to your facelift or refurbishment. A dedicated designer will make the budget stretch the furthest. The right designer may not necessarily be the cheapest designer to higher, yet will save you much more in the fit out costs. It is a false economy to go for the cheapest. It is smarter to carefully vet your designer to ensure that you get the best and most effective fit out results.

Retail design Gold Coast
The contrast and re-branding was as stark as black and white…literally. Smart design can transform your business and the way that your customers perceive it and decide to spend with you or not. First impressions definitely do count.

Dedicated To Getting It Right

At The Design Creative we go that extra mile to ensure that you get the best results. We get to know you, your business and customer to ensure that you get the best results. Scrimping in quality in the areas that it is needed the most can be a very costly strategy.

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