Box & Barrel Branding Retail Design Upgrade 2.0

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Box & Barrel new branding 2.0 to launch into the retail shopping centre market

Box & Barrel 2.0

We were approached by the owner of Box & Barrel Homewares to help take their brand into the mainstream shopping centres. The business which currently has one outlet in Victoria and one in Queensland is about to expand by opening their first shopping centre store in Westfield Garden City. This has required an upgrade for this quality homewares discount store in order to go from factory outlet to mainstream retail. Good retail design can help make the transition in any business needed to appeal to a new market segment.

Meeting The Market

The upgrade in the brand’s retail presence will open new doors for the expanding business. The retail sector in quality kitchen and dining ware is a niche one and the owners has seen a definite gap in the market. Only selling quality high end products but at a discounted price ensures that products walk out the door providing a win-win for the business and the customer. The customer is able to purchase quality kitchen and dining ware at a reduced price and the business is able to move stock at volume.

Changing Brand Perception Through Good Retail Design

With the move from factory outlet to retail shopping centre the perception needed to be carefully thought out. The existing outlets give the impression that the products are cheap and low quality. This perception is created by the Aldi business concept of stacking the stock high with lots and lots of stock on show. The current perception is of low quality brands at cheap prices.

Below is their Jindalee DFO factory outlet.

Retail Designer Brisbane
The existing outlet shopping branding doesn’t come up to retail shopping standards and so has been updated to meet the new market.

The store is quite typical of outlet stores. Simple signage and heavy bulkhead with concealed roller shutter. The brand’s main colour is prominent throughout the store and items are stacked up.

Retail Designer Brisbane
Best described as ‘elegant simplicity’ the new design Box & Barrel 2.0 now meets shopping centres expectations.

Design Changing Customer Perception

The new retail design concept presents are more sophisticated yet simple shopfront, with a dining setting display in the shopfront window. This provides a ‘setting’ or a context to which customers can begin to relate to. Rather than focusing on discount goods, instead, the shopfront display appeals to the customer’s emotion. The display setting allows the customer to visualise the beautiful and elegant items in their own home.

Retail Designer Brisbane
Design must meet the market’s requirements in order for any retail business to be successful. This may require a rethink in the customer perception of the brand.

Quality Products at a Good Price

By showing the items for sale in their ‘natural habitat’ the products become more about aesthetic beauty rather than about price. Quality becomes more ingrained in their minds then price. This may be a different customer to the outlet buyer. Here is a buyer interested in products that are of great quality. Products that are beautiful and products that fulfill their emotional needs. After all we all know that we buy more from emotion then logic.

Design Showcasing Product

The retail design aesthetic for the interior is simple clean elegance. The Box & Barrel orange branding has been reduced to an accent. The finishes throughout are neutral and natural so that the products become the hero.

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A successful brand is one that is open to ebolution and change to constantly meet the consumer’s ever changing and evolving needs.

Get The Experts Involved

Retail design is as much about the psychology of buyers. It is about identifying the market and being able to provide solutions that cater to their need. Retail design is about creating a functional store as well as one that is aesthetically in tune with the market. It is a fine line and with over 20 years of retail design experience we are well qualified to be able to assist you with your next project.

The Client had commissioned another design business and unfortunately neither the Client nor the shopping centre were impressed with the resulting design. It is important with any business to use professionals if they want to reap the best results.

If you have a project that you would like us to help you with please feel free to contact us.

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