Burger’d Store # 4 – Still Servin’ It Up Hot

There From The Start

Burger’d is a franchise that we have been part of the creation from the very beginning. Arundel was the very first store. We have been involved with branding and messaging to the interior design. We were even involved the taste testing of the product (always really good to be very passionate about the product – what better way then to test out the product! 🙂 It is always great to be involved with a new business from its inception. This allows us to develop a clear and unique message from the start.

Burger'd Campaign

Saucy Brand Messaging

With Burger’d we were able to take the business in a direction that would sound counter-intuitive to what customers would expect. Rather than claiming that gourmet burgers are a healthy alternative to fast food staples such as McDonald’s Big Macs or Burger Kings Whopper Burgers we do the opposite. We say that even gourmet burgers are laden with lots of the ‘good stuff’ which make them bad for our health. We celebrate that eating foods laden with high levels of fats and sugars isn’t good for you however in moderation and as part of a well balanced diet this is OK.

Tempting Authentic Handcrafted Burgers

The logo (a burger with devil’s horns) and messaging we created encourages consumers to be a little bit ‘devilish’, to listen to the little devil on your shoulder and give in to the temptation of a fat juicy burger. To quell your guilt afterwards Burger’s moniker is ‘Eat Responsibly’.

Burger'd Campaign

The branding has allowed us to continually develop the messaging with the images you see being the images on a store’s overhead menu board. They are a little bit ‘naughty’ and risque that appeals to the meat loving consumer.

The Journey

The franchise continues to grow and with great joy we are happy to announce the opening of the franchise’s 4th store at Biggera Waters Shopping Centre.

We are very privileged to be able to be part of the journey and we look forward to continuing to be part of the Burger’d story moving into the future.

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