Creating ICE – That Incredible Customer Experience

Incredible Customer Experience
How does your business deliver on creating an Incredible Customer Experience (or ICE for short?)

What makes one business ‘cool’ so that it attracts customers and becomes profitable for the business owners and another business that dies a quick death. It’s all to do with ICE.

Creating ICE

Creating that Incredible Customer Experience (or ICE for short) has never been so important as it is now. Our level of knowledge and sophistication has increased not incrementally but exponentially. The easy availability to the internet has seen an explosion of information that we are exposed to. This has lead to a greater awareness of their spending habits and where they chose to spend it.

UNO Caffe & Pizzeria
Through the branding of your business what experience does it promise to deliver?

Spoilt For Choice

It isn’t enough anymore to simply open up a shop and expect customers to come to you. There needs to be a reason for them to hand over cash from their wallets to you. With globalisation we have an even greater choice of goods available to us – more than any other  time in history. With the abundance of choice, customers are becoming more discerning with how they spend their money and the bottom line is they are expecting much more than a simple transaction. They are after an experience each and every time they enter your store.

Age of Sophistication

Just how sophisticated retail customers are hit home a couple of days ago as we went to see the newly fitted out UNO Caffe & Pizzeria that we designed. Sitting down enjoying a creamy iced chocolate I couldn’t help but hear an elderly couple sitting at the next table. They were discussing the new fitout and design in a very articulate manner. They were critiquing how the use of space and flow of the caffe was much better than the previous caffe that existed in this tenancy. This opened up my eyes just how far we have come.

Cafe designer Brisbane
Your customers expect more. How are you delivering on ‘more’?

Don’t Understimate Your Customers

The biggest thing a retailer can make is to underestimate the needs of their customers. These days customers want it all – great product, great service and in an environment that makes them feel good. And it doesn’t stop here…

Passion Is The Secret To Success

Sitting down with the owner of this new business, he spoke excitedly about the coffee supplier and how each week they would be highlighting a different blend of coffee from a different part of the world. He is very passionate about his product and being able to share this with his customers.

UNO Caffe & Pizzeria
What’s your story? The customers who get it are the ones who are spending with you.

What’s Your Story

So let me ask you – what’s your story? Even great product, service and location these days are not enough without that engaging story. That engaging story is your brand and what your customer is buying every time they walk into your business. Do you have a compelling story? Is there a disjunct between your story and your customer’s perception?

Customers Can Smell Disingenuity

You will know if your customers ‘get you’ and what your business is about. It is reflected in the number of bums on seat and the revenue that your customers frequenting your establishment bring in. With UNO Caffe & Pizzeria the very first step in the process of designing their business was getting to know the Client, who they were, what they were passionate about, what they wanted to create. The rest is just doing once you get what makes them unique and their story compelling.

UNO Caffe & Pizzeria
Passion is hard to contain. If you are passionate about your business it will show. Branding is where passion meets people.

Understand Your Market and Cater For Them

Dan and Melissa, the owners of UNO are passionate people and they wanted to share their passion for good food and company with others. They saw a gap in the market for a food provider that offered a homely ambience and food that was unpretentious and well priced. UNO aims to become the local. The writing on one of the brick walls best explains the vision of UNO:

“Where the locals feel at home”

UNO Caffe & Pizzeria is the place for everyone. Whether you are after a quick coffee fix in the morning, catching up with the girls for lunch, enjoying a sundowner with mates while watching the footy, or a night out with the family.

UNO is your local. Its a place where you can expect wholesome hearty food delivered with a friendly smile in an atmosphere that you will feel at home in.These are the things that makes UNO your NUMBER ONE choice!

What We Do

Our job is to help find out what makes your business special and let your customers know it. As simple and as complicated as that. From the very moment that shoppers walk by your business this is where great branding can weave its magic. By making it clear who you are and what you promise to deliver, you can capture the attention of passers by. Our job is to help you take the passion to open your own business, to deliver a product or service, and to take you from the mere intention and transform this into something physical. If you want to know more please contact us.

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