Have You Ever Been Diagnosed With ATD (Attention To Detail)?

Have You Been Diagnosed With ATD?

ATD is a condition that successful business owners may have but may not be aware as it is second nature to them. Nobody may have ever told them that they have ATD as it isn’t something that they needed to cure. Attention To Detail or ATD for short is what gives successful business people the edge. It is all the small details that make the big difference in today’s competitive market.

Memorable Customer Experience

And this can be illustrated no better as to what you expect as a customer from businesses. At the very least you are looking for a memorable customer experience. If you go to a cafe you expect the staff to be friendly, the coffee to taste good and not have to wait too long. These things are expected.

To deliver on our expectations takes attention to detail. It takes a business person that appreciates and is looking to create that memorable customer experience.

That experience needs to be thought out from the very start of the business in the planning stage. Planning a business obviously starts with a business plan. Part of this plan is working out your point of difference and how you will deliver it.

Designing retail success
Attention to detail down to the softness and consistency of the bun used in a burger is what creates that memorable customer experience.

Meet Bobby

Recently I had the good fortunate to be commissioned by seasoned serial entrepreneur and franchisee owner Bobby Sagar to help develop the vision for his new concept gourmet burger and takeaway business.

Bobby’s passion for his new business concept is infectious. He is open to ideas and this openness has facilitated the direction we have taken with his new business. The concept for the business I will discuss in future articles. The message I wanted to convey in this article is that paying attention to every system, product, and operation in your business is highly important for sustainable success.

Pay Attention To Detail

Bobby takes this philosophy to the experience of the food that he will have on his menu. Rather than open up his new business in a rush, he had decided to ensure that he started on the right foot by perfecting his menu and testing it. I was invited recently to be a food tester with a number of his friends and family who could be objective enough to provide constructive feedback.

Food Testing

He had invited an experienced gourmet burger chef to prepare the menu items and we became the human guinea pigs. We were asked to critique everything from the flavours and sauces in the burgers, to the ‘snap’ in the sausage in the hot dogs, and the softness and level of sweetness of the buns.

This has been part of the formula for success for some of the big players in the market like McDonalds so why would you not follow their lead?

Sweat the small details for big success.
Sweating the little things when setting up your business is part of the formula for success.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t listen to others when they say not to sweat the small stuff. I recommend you to seat the small stuff profusely. With each passing year we all seem to become that little more demanding in our expectations and the experience we expect. It is no longer about providing a service, it is about providing an ‘experience’ with your product or service. Those that fail to deliver on expectations don’t make the distance.

Let Us Sweat The Small Stuff For You

At The Design Creative, our goal is to help you have the best start in business. We are much more than retail designers. Our years of experience can help to transform your ideas into a successful business.

If you would like to chat with us about your project and how we can help please contact us.

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