Tattoo Studio In Westfield – An Australian First

Freestylr – Masters Of Ink Opens at Westfield Helensvale

Freestylr – Masters Of Ink has become an Australian first in the retail industry by opening up their doors on Thursday 16th August 2015 at Westfield Helensvale on the Gold Coast. This was a dream that was a long time in coming for the owner, Kevin Rowlands. This ground-breaking business has sights on opening up in other Westfield Centres in the very near future.

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Tattoos Go Mainstream

With the popularity on television of programs such as Tattoo Nightmares, Bondi Ink, and Masters Of Ink, tattoo art has entered the mainstream, taking it away from the dark edges of society. This has seen a boom in the type and number of people getting tattoos.

Tattoo studio interior designer

A Dream Who’s Time Has Come

Kevin Rowlands vision which started over 7 years ago has finally found a home at Westfield. You could say that the idea has finally found the right time. He had approached Westfield many years ago to open up in one of their centres but the timing just wasn’t right and the general public’s perception was very different.

Tattoo studio interior designer

Boutique Studio

Freestylr targets people of all ages who want unique and skillfully drawn tattoos in a sanitized safe environment. It is targeting the premium end of the business and aims to attract even customers who have never had a tattoo before. A typical example may be a teenager who is keen to get a tattoo and a mother who says that at least if you want to get one, lets get it done in Freestylr.

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Tattoos – A Sign Of Our Times

Having tattoos has become as much a fashion statement and stating your individuality as wearing a piece of jewellery or other accessory, albeit it is a permanent one. We have reached a point in society where being different is no longer seen as a negative. People feel safe to express their individuality in the way they look, think, dress and lifestyle choices. And they feel safe to do so without fear of repercussions. We definitely have reached a great point in our evolution.

Tattoo studio interior designer Gold Coast

Conveniently Located

Freestylr is located at the southern end of the mall at Westfield Helensvale and has frontage to the exterior and mall entrance. This is a great place to be situated in that clientele can pop out for a breath of fresh air or a cigarette without having to walk throughout the mall to do so. A toilet in the tenancy ensures that customers can have a quick toilet break, with, again, not having to walk right through the mall to relieve themselves. A cup of fresh coffee is also offered to keep customers relaxed.

Tattoo studio interior designer

Unique Experience

From the moment you enter the tattoo studio you know that you are in for a different experience. The lighting isn’t bright but softer and more moody. The walls are clad in recycled brick and concrete giving it an industrial street vibe. This was important to keep the connection with its past as in a strange twist, becoming too mainstream can actually be a negative. People in general always want ‘different’. Creating something that looked too mainstream would not attract clientele as readily as they will feel that they will be getting the ‘same’.

Tattoo studio interior designer

Enter Different

Entering the reception through big industrial roller doors that slides onto the ceiling when open, you are greeted by the receptionist with the Freestylr logo on the wall behind that looks like it has been engraved in the concrete wall. To the left there are examples of tattoo artwork on pegs hung on rows of stainless steel wire.

Tattoo interior designer
Tattoo studio interior designer


Where Dreams Come True

To the right there are two tables where you can sit with an artist to discuss what artwork you are after and sitting at industrial benches you can sift through the artist’s portfolio. You can also sit down with the artist as he sketches away an idea.

Tattoo studio interior designer
Tattoo studio interior designer


The Studio Experience

The artist studio is an open space that contains for reclining chairs so that four artists can work at once. Large guilt framed mirrors, chandeliers, Victorian style wall lights, custom made steam punk inspired caddies and a wall feature together with vj panel walls create an ambience quite unlike anything else.

Freestylr is about creating an experience that is safe and memorable. Next time you are in the market for a tattoo make sure Freestylr becomes a place to consider.

Tattoo studio interior designer

Talk To Us

David Cuschieri has over 15 years retail experience – we can help transform your dream into a reality. As David says, ‘we are not in the business of designing shop, we are in the business of giving dreams form’. Anyone can have an idea – it takes perseverence and the right team of people to turn that into success.

We look forward to hearing from you and how we can turn your next dream into reality.

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