Kiosk Fitout: Eyebrow World Begins To Take Shape

Eyebrow World Kiosk Fitout

The Eyebrow World Kiosk fitout is currently being constructed off site. When the fitout is completed it will then be transported and installed at The Strand at Coolangatta Here are some images of the kiosk in the factory.

Eyebrow World Interior Design
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From Idea To Reality

It is always exciting to see work progress to the fitout stage on a project. It is where a design begins to take physical form.

Eyebrow World Shop Fitting

Many Hands

The design is only one part of the equation that involves many people and professions who come together to create concepts into reality. Some of the professions involved include the Shopping Centre staff from retail design managers, operations staff and contracted services consultants to the shopfitter’s crew that includes the many different trades from cabinet makers, electricians and on site people who do the final fitting.

The entire process takes great co-ordination in order that all the different parts of the project from design, Centre and Council Approvals and fitout come together on budget and on time.

It isn’t until a client opens up shop for the first time do they truly understand the scale of even the smallest project and the number of people, professions and the experience that they bring to the table that are required.

Retail kiosk fitout
Artist’s impression of the Eyebrow World at The Strand at Coolangatta that is currently being fitted out.

A Great Business Begins With A Great Design

The design of Eyebrow World was an interesting process that involved researching existing eyebrow kiosks together with high end luxury brand and then seeing how the brand could stand out from its competitors. If you are wanting to start a new business we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction in order that your business stands out and is noticed.

At The Design Creative we can assist you with ensuring that your new shop, kiosk or food retail business starts on the right foot.

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