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Artist’s impression of the soon to be opened Eyebrow World at The Strand at Coolangatta

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Late last year we were approached by a new Client who wanted an eyebrow threading kiosk to be designed. The Client had previously engaged another retail designer and wasn’t able to achieve the look and finish that were to the standards and expectations of the shopping centre. We are a Gold Coast retail design firm who is often called in to get things over the line.

Beautiful Threads

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal that had originated in India over 6000 years ago. This technique has in recent years become very popular in the West and has become particularly popular for the removal or shaping of eyebrows.

Eye For Luxury

The proposed tenancy is situated in The Strand in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. The centre design guidelines required a high end look in order to fit in with the level of finish in this recently re-developed shopping centre. Because eyebrow threading is a luxury and not a necessity, the look and feel needed to reflect this. High end brands were studied to find the essence of what makes their branding work. The lessons learned from this research was applied to Eyebrow World.

Stand Out and Be Noticed

The hexagonal black and white pattern was used to full effect to create bold statement that would be noticed by passers by. Because eyebrow threading kiosks are a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, in order to attract customers the design needed to attract attention. The bold pattern gives a sense of luxury and confidence.

Having a strong confident uncluttered presence was important. Eyebrow threading is about removing hair and shaping to accentuate a person’s beauty. It is about getting rid of excess hair and strong branding is about getting rid of the extraneous ‘noise’ so that the message of what the brand is about can be seen and heard loud and clear.

Brand Awareness

The Client had opened up a few eyebrow kiosks prior to this design and the aim was to set a new standard for his new eyebrow kiosks moving forward. Great design can be an ally in attracting new customers, especially when the service you are selling is very new to the market.

Eyebrow World, the newest addition to The Strand at Coolangatta is currently being fitted out and we look forward with excitement to the opening.

The Gold Coast Retail Design Studio To Help You Create Success

Some business owners fail to see the point in investing in good design until they start to see that it isn’t attracting customers to their business. Just like anything else in life, you pay the lowest price for a service and you get what you pay for. Investing in good design will ensure that your business stands out from the competition and is noticed.

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