Food Can Make You Feel Happy

Happy Little Dumplings

Many of us have been so conscious of what we eat that you could say that it has become an obsessive disorder. Coupled with the lack of time that many of us suffer from means that our choices in looking after our health when we are on the run is quite limited. This is where Happy Little Dumplings comes in.

These flavour-packed morsels are filled with fresh health ingredients and rather than deep fried they are steamed. You can’t get much healthier than that. The Happy Little Dumplings logo of happy smiling dumplings is the glow that you will feel from eating fast food that is actually good for you.

Happy Little Dumplings Macarthur Central
Happy Little Dumplings

Designing Happiness

The design of this store utilises raw materials such as fibre cement sheeting which the info graphics were printed onto and plywood. Every day raw materials used in  fresh and interesting way much like the food that is sold at Happy Little Dumplings. Even the menu panels have been reduced to simple opal acrylic internally illuminated boxes with no need for frames.

We hope you go and visit Happy Little Dumplings at Macarthur Central in Brisbane CBD at get your fix of happiness in the form of fresh health food.

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