Food Revolution

Bakery Design

Food Evolution

Our relation to food is constantly changing and evolving.

There is greater awareness of what goes into our foods. We all know about the nasty artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in our food. Many people are opting for food that has been minimally processed. There is a movement towards natural ingredients and understanding the origin of food.

Retail designers play an important role in ensuring that the business owner’s philosophy and point of difference is easily recognised by customers. This may seem obvious, but those businesses that provide what their customers want and deliver this in a unique way are the ones that succeed.

Bakery Design

Holistic Health


Consumers are becoming much more savvy in how and where they chose to buy their food. They have greater awareness of taking control of their eating habits. Both traditional media and information readily available through the internet have increased all our expectations.


Many of us also seem to be leading a more sedentary lifestyle brought about by technology. That sees many of us sit in front of a computer to make a living. This has lead a boom in health consciousness. People realise the need to be more active. Sitting has been described as the new ‘smoking’. Health-related ilnesses brought on by sitting for extended periods in front of a computer will become even more prevalent.

Mental Health

Corporations have also understood the need to have a healthy work force which also includes mental health too. Having a healthy environment that polices those that bully and intimidate their staff has become the responsibility of the employer.

The general public is becoming ore vocal in what we all have always known, that health and happiness requires a holistic approach. That to maintain our physical health requires proper nutrition and regular exercise. This is coupled with ensuring we have a healthy home, work and social life keeping us mentally healthy.

Bakery Design

Sunbaked Goodness

The owners of Sunbaked have understood this need for a holistic approach. They have successfully run bakeries that provide the customers which products that are fresh, healthy and contain minimal preservatives and additives. Sunbaked produces artisan breads which aren’t produced on a massive industrial scale. They are produced with great care by real people. Their breads are ‘hand-made’ and have that artisan quality.

Sunbaked produces a variety of breads ranging from sour doughs to gluten-free breads, cakes, pastries and pies, all made by their artisan bakers. You could say that their products are made with love.

Bakery Design

Design Follows Food Philosophy

Just like what goes into the wholesome products at Sunbaked, so too, the look and feel of the design and fitout needed to reflect this use of ‘real’ materials. Hand-made tiles in shades of green laid in a herringbone pattern set the scene. The idea was to capture the ambience of a traditional old-style bakery but in a clean contemporary way. Natural timbers, concrete and brass combine to continue this traditional yet contemporary elegance. Signage and ticketing throughout have been kept very minimalist so as not to detract to the product which takes centre stage.

Gluten-Free Breads

An important aspect of the business was the provision of gluten-free breads. To be gluten-free certified requires stringent rules in removing the risk of contamination with gluten products. Within this relatively small tenancy, a functioning artisan bakery was included in the design allowing customers to see the process of baking from the mixing of the flour into dough onwards.

Bakery Design

The Origin of Foods

The working gluten-free bakery not only has satisfied the need for bread lovers who are gluten intolerant to be able to enjoy good wholesome breads but has allowed them to see the simple ingredients that go into the making of the breads. This last point ensures that Sunbaked is on track with trends. Consumers want to know what ingredients go into their food products and want to better understand the process of food production.

Solistic Origins

Consumers will continue to be interested and demand to know the origins of their foods and their ingredients. They will opt more and more for products that aren’t distantly removed from their source. Everything living ultimately relies upon the sun for sustenance. It isn’t that surprising that the business is called Sunbaked. Sunbaked has seen a trend that is no doubt here to stay and will contribute to a society of consumers who are more aware and know that great health requires a holistic approach.

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