Praise & Recognition

kassidys fashion store

The Phone Call

Today I received a call from a retail design manager thanking me for a project that I designed late last year and who’s fitout is almost complete. The shopping centre were very impressed with the result. Praise is a powerful motivator.

I was very heartened by the call. Praise makes all the hard work and long hours and effort we put in to meet crazy deadlines worthwhile.

Thank You

It is amazing how a simple thank you can make such a big difference. No matter what field or industry we are in. No matter if we work for a big corporation, a small business, or are a consultant and have clients, receiving recognition and praise make a big difference.


Praise and simple kindness can motivate humans more than financial gain can. Most of us will go that extra mile when we know that what we do is appreciated.

Balancing Your Day

It is easy for us to focus on what isn’t working or what is challenging and forget about the positive affirming things we do every day. In fact, sometimes our worst enemy isn’t others but ourselves and allowing the praise of others to enter us and focus on this for a moment. Even the most challenging of days can be put into perspective when we recognise the wins we have made and allow the good words of others to enter our psyche.

Every Day Is A Good Day

Every day, do you take stock of your day? Do you balance it out and think about the wins as well as the learnings? Sometimes, having a great day is simply focusing on the positive aspects and learning from the challenging ones.

kassidys fashion store

The images you see are from Kassidy’s, one of the two projects I worked on last year that had super tight deadlines and which were praised. They are images showing the fit out towards the end of the build. The Client is super excited to be moving into his very first permanent purpose-built store.

For other recent completed projects visit our portfolio.

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