how to design a bar that raises eyebrows

The Promise

Interior design is often about following through on a promise. It not only is about the ‘look’ but also about creating a functional space where you feel comfortable to be in.

Retail Shop Designer

Listening & Clear Communication

It’s not always an easy ask to get all these elements together, and this is where a designer can help. I think the biggest part of being a designer is to listen followed by clear communication.

The Brief

It begins with a brief. Sometimes clients don’t have a very clear picture of what they want.

This is where a designer can guide them through to create a clear picture. It may begin with what the end result is that they want. For instance, a client may want their customers to feel a particular way when doing business with them. Emotions are a great starting point.

Brow & Lash Bar Retail Design

Design Journey

  • From there we can go on a design journey to work out how do we get to that end goal destination.
  • What are the practical things?
  • What are those sometimes intangibles that we need to define and create?
  • What do they look, feel, and smell like?
  • How do we make our customers feel special?

Design Evolution

When my client from Brow Republic & Lash Bar approached us for her second bar we knew that we had done something right. We like to see design as an evolutionary process. Each design for a business gets at that close to perfection. Yet, as soon as you feel like you are close, the world will be in continual flux. This means that with each design we must change and adapt. Each design is an opportunity to continually tweak.

Brow Bar Design

Creating Ambience

With the new Toowoomba bar, we went with a muted natural palette to create a relaxing atmosphere.
The arched mirrors soften the space and frame the customers as they are plucked and pimped.

Specialty paint finishes, joinery and furniture all come together to create harmony.

Designing Together

If you are looking to open a new business, engaging a design professional will help you to start the journey on the right foot. At The Design Creative we are able to assist you with the process from start to finish, from design to Council approvals, and fit out tendering. It takes a community of professionals to build a business literally from the ground up, and we can help you to get your dream team together to turn ideas into reality.

Photo Credit: Cody Stevens – Cuebuild

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