Mobile Beat – how to be seen in a crowded market


Mobile Beat, a mobile phone accessories shop, at Burleigh Town Centre stands out in its simple bold design. Situated in a prominent corner in the shopping centre, this provided a unique opportunity to create a stand out store.

Often the best designs are those that have one clear idea that is cleanly executed.

Slimming down ideas, paring them down to the core concept often leads to the best results.

Designing simplicity
mobile phone accessories shop design

Mobile Beat we designed the mobile phone accessories shop with a limited palette of colours.
Combined with effective lighting, it allows the merchandise to really ‘pop’!


In order to ensure great business turnover, mobile phone accessories shops need to display merchandise effectively.

Mobile phone shop design
Effective displays is one of the keys to retail success.

Every style and colour must be visible. This means that the merchandise needs to be well lit and clearly seen by the customer. We focused on getting the lighting and displays just right so that every item has the opportunity to be seen.

We Deliver

With a tight deadline we were able to deliver a design in a short period of time for the client to open for Christmas trade in 2021.

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