How to elevate Mobile Phone Covers To Art

Mobile Phones Are An Extension of Us

We now live in a world where mobile phones are indispensable. We use them for emails, social media, entertainment, as well as making phone calls. One of the first thing that many people do when they wake up in the morning is check their email or social media accounts. Mobile phones have become an extension of us. No doubt the Client of UR-Fone had this thought when they came up with their business name. What does your mobile phone cover say about you?

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Mobile phones have become an extension of us, and phone covers a visual public expression of who we are. What does your mobile phone cover say about you?

Phone Covers Can Reveal Who We Are

Phone covers can therefore become an extension of our personality, maybe even the work that we do. A colourful cover may reveal a colourful personality. A large rubber protective cover may reveal that we are prone to dropping our phone, or may work in a trade or construction industry. A decorative cover may reveal our interest such as a love of cats or a boy band. Maybe a bamboo cover may say that we are into saving the environment.

Phone covers can reveal a lot about you, what you do for work, your interests, your personality.

Retail designer Brisbane
UR Fone at Westfield Carindale packs a punch as shoppers walk past with its vibrant rubber flooring and ‘gallery’ of phone covers.

The Art of Mobile Phone Cover Display

We were approached by a Client to design their new mobile phone accessories store at Westfield Carindale. They had kiosks but this was their first foray into opening an inline store. This presented new opportunities to maximise the vertical space for display and so present the phone covers differently to a kiosk set up.

Art Gallery For Phone Covers

We took a very different approach to the design of UR Fone. Each phone cover is displayed like a work of art with a neutral timber panel background . This way, each cover stands out individually.

You could say that the design for UR Fone at Carindale was a cross between a mobile phone shop and an art gallery.

It’s In The Finish

The finishes were kept quite simple yet impactful. The colourful orange rubber flooring creates a strong wow factor of shoppers passing by. Light timber textured finishes help to create a neutral background to display the phone covers. And a specialty paint finish to the wall elevates the merchandise.

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The contrast between the vibrant colour and the neutral natural finishes ensure that the phone cases can stand out and be noticed.

Lighting Is Crucial

Lighting is critically important in any retail business. Without the right balance of lighting, even the wrong colour temperature, can make a huge difference to the business owner’s bottom line. Getting the right amount of illumination, colour temperature, and accent lighting can make a difference between a shop that looks great to one that really turns heads and puts money in the till.

Phone accessories shop designer
Lights – (camera) – Action! Lighting can really make a huge difference to your bottom line. Good lighting design really is worth it.

Designing For Success

As a retail designer with over 20 years industry experience and having designed over 500 projects, I believe it makes a big difference when opening shop to engage an experienced designer for your project. You will find that the right designer who is a good fit with you can help you save money on your fit out and ensure a better chance of business success.

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