Rudy’s Is More Than Your Average Chicken Shop

The Dine In Experience

Chicken shops have evolved from the takeaway corner shop with a couple of old faded chairs and grubby sad table out the front.

Customers expect more including the quality of the food offering at an affordable price point.

Rudy’s Rotisserie, the first in what the owner envisions to be the first of many in the Newcastle area, and possibly beyond. They aim to provide fresh, wholesome and healthy fare at a price point that will allow families and friends to dine out regularly.

Meet Your New Local

Community is important at Rudy’s on many levels.

Community begins with the relationships of those close to us – our family and friends. By providing healthy quality meals, families are able to enjoy ‘home-cooked’ style meals at prices that is affordable for them to come regularly.

Rudy’s Rotisserie’s vision is to become the customer’s favourite neighbourhood family diner.

On a broader sense, Rudy’s Rotisserie aims to in the future sponsor local groups, helping to support their local community.

Dine In At The Diner

We have designed Rudy’s Rotisserie to be more than your chicken shop. With comfortable upholstered booth and banquette seating, groups can enjoy a close intimate dining experience.

Bright & Inviting

The classic American diner has been reinvisioned and modernised at Rudy’s Rotisserie.

It combines vibrant yellow with white and black background and gold accents. The seating is comfortable and inviting.

The floor packs a punch with black and white patterned tiles that direct customers to the servery to order.

Next time you are in Stockland Glendale, pop in and take a seat and enjoy the Rudy’s Rotisserie experience.

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