Whale Watching at The Convenience store

Selfie Serve Convenience

Surfers Paradise Convenience Store not only is a convenient spot to grab your sunscreen and drinks when going to the beach. It is also a great spot to do some whale watching. Imagine taking a selfie with a humpback whale?

No need to imagine anymore. At this new convenience store you can admire the work by Brisbane artist Miriam Innes. The artist’s large scale charcoal drawings adorn the raw concrete walls of the store. Miriam is a renowned artist who’s work is found in collections throughout Australia.

Humpback Whales at Surfers Paradise Convenience Store

Social Media

In a digital world where social media has gained such importance, having a stand-out store can make the difference between a good business and a great one. Humpbacks migrate every year and whale watching on the Gold Coast has become a big tourism drawcard. Riding on the back of the whale watching industry, attracting tourists to the convenience store is hoped will help create added sales as tourists take selfies with the whales.

Tourists can smile while taking a selfie and take advantage of the convenience that the store offers.

Close up of one of the whale artworks by Brisbane charcoal artist Miriam Innes.

Raw Design

The design of the Surfers Paradise Convenience Store was kept very simple. Rather than plasterboard the existing concrete walls and install a set plasterboard ceiling, we decided to create a raw industrial feel. This provided the perfect canvas for the charcoal drawings. Once they were completed, a clear coat was applied to protect the whales.

By having no ceiling and exposing the ceiling services, we were able to take advantage of the full height of the spce for the whal artworks as well as ensuring maximum natural light through the clerestory windows.

The height of the space was emphasized with not installing a ceiling. Instead the ceiling services were left exposed and painted black.
Looking up you can see the underside of these whales.

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