Jewellery Retail Design – Before & After

Jewellery retail design before and after
Retail jewellery design – H & S Jewellers before and after shot of shopfront.

Jewellery Retail Design

Jewellery retail design can transform a jewellery shop from drab to fab. It is always very interesting to walk into a store that looks tired and old and to get excited with the possibilities. Most store owners delay the refurbishment of their store for as long as possible. This is often left until they are up for their lease renewal.

Jewellery retail design
Before refurbishment the store looked tired and old.

Drab and Not So Fab

By this time, the shabbiness of their store has started to really affect sales. Customers want to walk into a fresh bright store. They are less likely to walk in one which is dimly lit due to poor maintenance – with lights not working or ones that are flickering.

Jewellery retail design Gold Coast
The existing store was dark and uninviting.

Customers Vote With Their Wallets

Often by this stage the store looks cluttered, often resembling more of an archeological dig than a place for customers to be inspired to part with their hard earned cash. Shop owners know that in order to make more money they need to spend money. However, it is surprising that some shop owners are in complete denial. They reluctantly engage a retail designer because they ‘forced’ into having to refurbish because of their lease renewal. Their shop may be falling apart around them and their sales have dropped but they can’t make the connection to the fact that customers are voting with their wallets not to do business with them anymore.

Jewellery Retail Design Gold Coast
The existing jewellery shop was cluttered and didn’t present well to customers.

Time To Gut & Start New

A shop is the face of the business and if the face is looking worse for wear it is difficult to attract customers not only to stop but enter. A recent project illustrates this point. H & S Jewellers lease was up for renewal. The clients deeply understood that it was time for a total gut to the store.

Jewellery shop design
Retail designer Gold Coast

What Is Your Shop Telling Your Customers?

It looked old and tired. It was a series of counters and spaces filled with clutter. The shop felt claustrophobic and uninviting. Depressing would not be a too strong word. They knew that something needed to be done to make a difference not only to increasing foot traffic but providing a clean and fresh space for their staff to operate at their best.

Retail shop designer Gold Coast
Retail shop designer

Before and After

Starting from the shop front you will see the before and after photographs and the difference that good design can do. One of the first things that the owners said was that you can now actually ‘see’ the store. The openness of the store which gives a sense of inviting space and volume together with brand new bright lighting has had the effect of attracting more customers. That is the positive effect of good jewellery retail design at work.

Shop designer Brisbane
H & S Jewellery shop design refurbishment

Bring Back The Sparkle

The displays with the right lighting now make the jewellery sparkle. There is no longer clutter zones throughout the store. Everything has its own space and storage/paperwork is hidden away. The layout has been simplified to ensure that there is a sense of openness. This has been enhanced by raising the ceiling height where we could.

H & S Jewellers retail shop design
Jewellery shop design Gold Coast

Your Shop Is Your Customer Attracting Magnet

Overall, it is easy to see the dramatic effect that good design can have on a business. Not only from giving a tired business a new lease on life, but providing an inspiring working environment for staff and one that attracts customers to do business. The jewellery retail design for H & S has completely transformed not only the customer’s perception but the owner’s and staff’s sense of being when in the store.

Need Help?

If you have an existing business that needs to be refurbished, maybe it needs a total overhaul including branding, be sure to contact us to see how we are able to turn your business from drab to fab.

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