Creating Allure


The Economy of Expectation

Is your business creating allure?

As consumers our expectations of what a business will provide has reached the stratosphere. It is those businesses that no longer see limitations that do well in this new economy of expectation. We no longer want for a business to give us what we want. We expect them to. Those that don’t, frankly don’t survive.

In this brave new world of customer expectation it isn’t enough anymore to believe you have a great product. Every other business owner also has to have a great product or service. That is now the entry point of business.

Business as usual now could not be further than the norm anymore. As a customer we want to have a holistic experience. We want to understand what your business is about, what experience it can provide me, and what you will do to keep me constantly interested and excited in a world of overload.

Consistency Is No Longer Enough

The internet has exposed us to so many new ideas. The rate of change and the speed of information has set us on a line where we require constant stimulation of the new. Even if we often feel the contradiction of being overwhelmed by such change. Our attention span has been reduced to that of a gnat. The novelty of the new feeds our addiction. It keeps us in a constant state of excitement and mild fearfulness that we may be missing some vital bit of information that will make our lives that little bit more up to date. You need to be in the business of continually designing and honing and delivering that ICE or Incredible Customer Experience.

Good Design

With the challenges faced business owners who have customers that now are attracted to novelty more than loyalty, savvy business owners now more than ever understand the importance of good design. Good design is about really understanding the Client’s customers. A good designer will have a proven history of experience in being able to make existing and new businesses profitable. A good designer will understand what motivates the Client’s customer. They understand the trends that will influence their buying decisions now and into the future.

nail studio retail design

What Attracts Your Customers To Your Business?

This is a question every business owner needs to ask before setting up shop and often doesn’t do. They often focus more on what their preferences are and what they think their customers want. The savvy business owner engages the right people to help them with understanding their core market and creating a business based around their wants, needs, and preferences.

Creating Allure

Allure Nail Studio was a new business created with the premise of giving customers what they wanted. The design and branding worked around the idea of giving women a luxurious experience when they go get their nails done. The Client engaged us to come up with the name of the business that would appeal to their customers. Below is a dictionary definition of the word allure:


1. to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable.

2. to fascinate; charm.

1. entice, lure. 2. enchant, entrance, captivate. 4. glamor, attraction.

Alluring Design

Our goal was not only to create an attractive and luxurious space where customers can feel special and pampered, we wanted to give them the promise that they will leave feeling attractive. The name and the branding of a business often is seen before the customer visits the retail premises. Therefore, from the very first interaction setting the scene for what experience can be expected is crucial.
nail studio retail design

Client Feedback

Branding and interior design need to be integrated to create a consistent experience. From feedback from our client and their customers, Allure delivers in spades. Our client receives many compliments from customers as they comment on how beautiful the space is.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Creating a memorable customer experience is more important than ever. Is your business creating allure? Customers will tell their friends and the best form of business is referrals and word of mouth. If you are ready to take your new or existing business to the next level, it may be time to bring in the professionals. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can best help you with your project and creating allure.

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