Miki Beautiful Sushi – Homage To Fine Food

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Next Generation of Sushi

Miki Beautiful Sushi is the next generation in the development of sushi in Australia.

The Zen of Sushi Preparation

Following the age old Japanese Zen philosophy, creating sushi that is a feast to the senses requires great skill, training and a sense of presence at the task at hand. It is more akin to the art of the tea ceremony than to mass produced fast food.

The makers of Miki Beautiful Sushi are carefully trained to become artisans that create beautiful works of art for us to enjoy. With carefully selected fresh fine ingredients and attention to detail sushi never looked and tasted so good.

Food Becomes Art

Food has long surpassed as a means of nourishing ourselves but has entered the realm of art. People who create fine art are artists and this extends to the preparation of exquisite food.

Popular television programs such as Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules have highlighted our love of beautiful food.

Miki Beautiful Sushi carries on this new trend with exquisitely hand crafted sushi and nigiri. These tempting generous sized morsels are too hard to resist.

Food Galleries

The kiosk becomes a temple to high culture where patrons can pay homage to the art of fine food and then have the added privilege of indulging not only their minds and eyes but their taste buds and satisfying their appetite.

As our appetite for fine food is set only to increase, Miki Beautiful Sushi is well positioned in leading the way of the new generation of sushi and sushi lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Food retail and retail design in Australia is an evolutionary process that thrives on innovation. Miki Beautiful Sushi in metropolitan Brisbane will be part of this new thrust forward as sushi enters another level.

This first kiosk, is just one of their many new food galleries to be opened in the coming year, will redefine what sushi is.

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