Quiet Design

Quiet Design

Quiet Design

Quiet design is design that is pared down and subtle. It isn’t loud and garish. It doesn’t scream ‘look at me’. It is humble yet quietly confident. It speaks little but delivers volumes.

Counter-Intuitive Design

Quiet design in a retail environment is counter-intuitive. With businesses screaming for customers spend it makes sense that those that ‘shout the loudest’ should win. Yet this isn’t always the case. Often those who do scream the loudest often begin to look and feel the same. If everyone is shouting it is often the quietest that seem to be heard.

Quiet design is about doing the opposite of what others are doing. It is about creating a point of difference and quiet is very different to loud. Quiet design works because it is quiet in a world that is shouting for our attention.


When designing Mori Sushi at Burleigh Town Centre the look and feel was greatly influenced by the quiet and humble nature that we saw in the businesses owners of this sushi and Japanese food tenancy. Japanese culture is about careful and well considered decisions and the colour palette, material finishes and simplicity reflect this.

The business name is Mori Sushi, however, the Clients wanted to simply have the word ‘Mori’ for their main sign, reflecting this philosophy of zenplicity. They have been operating at the Centre for many years and concluded that including the word ‘Sushi’ was not that important as it only partly reflected their menu. It is also readily apparent to passersby that they sell sushi by the counter display.

Mori Sushi

Mori Sushi at Burleigh Town Centre captures the beautiful zen simplicity of Japanese culture. Clean simple finishes allow the product offered to really stand out.

Sometimes good design is about paring down ideas to their bare essentials in order that we give an opportunity for what the business is selling to take centre stage. This is very important with food retail to achieve the balance that the design of the store attracts customers and then allows the food to then not be drowned out by a ‘loud’ design.

The neutral earthy tones of browns, blacks and copper finishes provide an elegant and stylish addition to the Centre.


Quiet Design is an attitude. It is about a business saying to the world that what I offer the world is real. That I don’t need to shout to be heard. In fact, my quiet helps create contrast. As we know, contrast is one of the design principles that creates the difference necessary to stand out in a competitive retail environment.

The business owners of Mori have been quietly running their business selling fresh quality Japanese food made daily for many years. They have a loyal customer base and this allows the business owners to quietly and humbly go about providing quality food and service.

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