Silver Is The New Black

Silver Jewellery Kiosk shop design
Silver Jewellery Kiosk Design Sunshine Coast

Our latest design, a silver jewellery kiosk at Kawana Shoppingworld goes part of the way to prove that design need not follow trend to be contemporary.

See Things Differently
With the design of the Silver Wolf kiosk we created a strong branded presence using predominantly black. While most silver jewellery stores and kiosks have followed trend, using light colours, Silver Wolf bucks this trend. In order for silver to stand out as the jewellery of choice, it was necessary to take a fresh new look at this luxury item.

Silver Is The New Black
Silver jewellery need not be the poor cousin of silver. In fact, some may argue that gold can be gaudy, and silver can be sophisticated. We decided to look at silver as an affordable luxury good that had sophistication. Sophistication is about refinement and so rather than creating complexity, the design of Silver Wolf is kept clean and streamlined so that maximum attention can be placed to where it needs to be – on the stunning well lit silver jewellery pieces.

Silver Jewellery Kiosk Design Sunshine Coast
Silver Jewellery Kiosk Design Sunshine Coast

To create a sense of sophistication, we have devised a visual and textural language of blacks. Blacks which are shiny, blacks which are matt and subdued, blacks which are flat and blacks which have a smooth sculptural sensual touch. The black finishes provide the perfect foil for the jewellery to take centre stage and the contrast between the dark black surfaces and the bright display cases give a sense that the displays are floating.

Don’t Follow Trends. Create Them.
Silver Wolf goes to show that it is better not to follow trends but to create them. Let your customers see things in a different way and you may have just started the next big thing in retail.

Remember, in order for your retail business to prosper in today’s environment, you need to stand out from the crowd. It isn’t enough anymore to simply be noticed. You need people to talk about your business. It needs to be remarkable. Talk to us about your next project and how we can help to make it remarkable.

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