Womens Gym Design – Redefining Health

Womens gym designer

Womens Gym Design

We were approached by owners of Samsara Womens Health Club for their womens gym design. Having never designed a gym before became more of an advantage rather than a disadvantage as we could see what a women’s gym should be like from a fresh perspective.

Holistic Health

Samsara Womens Health Club at Runaway Bay is redefining the womens fitness industry. Women expect more from their gym than ever before. They are looking to be able to work out feeling comfortable and confident with expert help at hand. It isn’t just about fitness but more about wellness. A holistic approach is now required.

Womens gym design

Health Club Not Gym

Our surroundings have a great impact on our emotions and working out in an environment that is clean and elegant is important. Samsara is more like a high end health spa in ambience than a sweaty gym.

All the equipment are high tech so that you can monitor your workouts. The personal trainers on hand not only are there to assist for you to reach your personal fitness goals but the level of care and support is what makes the difference. Open 24 hours, like many gyms these days, Samsara allows can fit in to your busy lifestyle.

Womens gym designer

Continual Reinvention

Samsara is a Sanskrit word whos idea is the cyclical nature of birth and rebirth. Throughout life we experience continual change. Or bodies change. We have periods when we literally let ourselves go and others we we are on a health kick. We are continually rebirthing and reinventing ourselves. Samsara Womens Health Club is about helping women on this journey by creating a supportive and comfortable environment.

Womens Gym Design

Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Samsara understands that beauty begins on the inside. Topical beauty treatments may make us feel good for a while. However, at Samsara, taking control of your health is the best way to have long term results. This means watching your food intake, regular exercise and being in a supportive environment.

Womens gym design

Feel Good Space

Womens gym design has often been an afterthought to providing facilities to customers. Creating ambience and comfort weren’t ever real priorities.

When you walk into Samsara  you are greeted by an elegant reception desk with a backdrop to an outdoor garden space. There are comfortable seating areas at the front of the space. State of the art machines together with ambient lighting and an open feel ensures that women are comfortable working out.

A very simple elegant and natural colour scheme of blacks, timber and gold tones allows women to workout in style. Large bronze mirrors and suspended lighting over a blacked out open ceiling add a touch of bling.

Designing Your Business Ground Up

We had turned not having designed a gym before from a disadvantage to an advantage. By understanding the businesses core market we were able to assist to target the design to their needs. At The Design Creative we are in the business of helping businesses boost their bottom line, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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