A Modern Taste of India

Divya Indian in the food court at Robina Town Centre captures the essence of Indian cuisine without being cliched and predictable.

Instead, what has been designed is a modern, fresh interpretation of India with reflective polished brass finishes, natural light timber and perforated plywood, and white marble.

Food Court Retail Design
Very different to other food court Indian tenancies, Divya Indian creates a fresh modern interpretation of India.

Divya Indian has a fresh natural feel with influences being the Taj Mahal softness meets a touch of Bollywood bling and brashness.

Retail Designer Gold Coast
The success of this design has been the use of natural finishes in combination with rich pattern.

The natural textured finishes create a warmth and a neutral backdrop to the stars of the design – the brightly coloured fragrantly spiced food and the theatre of the feature polished brass tandoori oven (images are of the fit out in progress so food and tandoori oven to come).

Food Court Shop Design
Indian culture is big on detail, and Divya Indian is full of attention to detail yet accomplished in a simplified way.

The polished pendant lights add a touch of sophistication and the perforated plywood add to the layered textures of the design.

Who needs to travel all the way to India when you can go to Robina Town Centre when you have a hankering for Indian cuisine!

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