RA Quality Meats Birtinya

It never ceases to amaze me watching a shop under construction.

For what seems like forever (it is often no more than a couple of weeks), it seems that little is happening. Yet it is at these beginning stages that the foundation for the fit out are being laid. Not literally the foundations, but like  house, the infrastructure is being laid.

Good Foundations

In the beginning stages we see:

• plumbing being installed,

•walls and ceilings being constructed,

• electrical work being carried out,

• floors being waterproofed,

• floor finishes installed,

• wall sand ceilings painted.

Within a couple of weeks or so, depending on the project, we begin to see the shop from an empty space take form.

Seeing Magic

Within the next few days do we see the magic really take place, giving life to the initial design vision. Items which were being constructed off site – the joinery and signage are installed.

Last Few Days

It is those last few critical days, when the bulk of the ‘infrastructure’ has been built that we really see the shop come together quickly. Even after all these years in the industry, it is those last few days that still excite and astound me. I am in awe of the coordination of all those that help bring a vision to life and the professionalism that goes with this responsibility.

I find the whole process of design and construction as pure alchemy. It is the coming together of people from different backgrounds, skills and professions to bring about the shared vision.

Below are a series of under construction  images of RA Quality Meats at the new soon to be opened Stockland Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

Under Construction Middle Stages of fit out: plumbing installed, walls and ceilings constructed, waterproofing of floor, floor finishes installed, walls cladded, electricals and lighting installed.
Under Construction – The Finishing Stages: this is where the ‘magic’ takes place in a relatively small amount of time as joinery is installed and signage and finishing touches are completed.
It is the finishing details that bring the store to life.
Another few days and the butchery will be ready for handover for trade.

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